• Kyle Lowry hit 7-of-22 shots and DeMar DeRozan hit 9-of-24 shots but the Raptors found a way in Thursday’s 96-92 Game 2 win over the Heat.

    Lowry and DeRozan refuse to play to the Raptors’ advantage and Dwane Casey is just watching as it all goes down.  Still, they had their good moments and Lowry hit some key buckets late that Raps fans hope will revitalize his confidence.  He finished with 18 points, four rebounds, six assists and three steals, and DeRozan scored 20 points with eight rebounds, one assist and three steals of his own.  They both choked away free throws like one couldn’t imagine — Lowry went 3-of-6 and DeRozan went an insane 2-of-8 from the stripe. 

    Meanwhile, Jonas Valanciunas (15 points, 7-of-9 FGs, 12 boards, three steals, one block) was cooking and couldn’t get a look in edgewise, and DeMarre Carroll saved them with 21 points, five boards, four steals and three treys in the overtime win.  That an All Star backcourt could get this far into their own heads is something one doesn’t see every day. 

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