• A new week means new opportunities to build a great lineup and put some money in your pockets. There are only two games on the slate for Monday, May 2nd and the question that most people are asking is ‘have the playoffs started yet?’ It’s been a boring postseason thus far with no upsets and the superior teams showing their superiority. As many already know, the Cavs are the heavy favorites to come out of the East and after the first round against the Pistons, it’s safe to say that mindset has not changed.

    However, in the Western Conference, no one expected to see what they saw from the Spurs in Game 1. It was a display of pure dominance by San Antonio and it was against an offensive juggernaut of a team in OKC. Could it have been a fluke? Maybe. But after what many see as a first round bye against a depleted Grizzly team, a sense of thorough and in-depth scouting also was put to good use.

    Vegas Point Totals

    Hawks vs. Cavaliers – 200 1/12

    Thunder vs.  Spurs – 202 1/2

    It looks like both games are expected to have a high scoring output. With the Vegas point totals not moving the needle here, then we have to move our attention to the price tag for each player and their positional matchup.

    Point Guard

    Kyrie Irving ($7,800)

    Irving has been fantastic through the postseason and it’s great to see him healthy at this point of the season, unlike last year. In the first round, Uncle Drew averaged a solid 38.8 FanDuel points per game. After a full week of rest, you can expect Irving to step on the hardwood ready to produce.

    Jeff Teague ($6,700)

    Teague has been a bit up and down through the postseason, but he was a huge contributor in helping the Hawks secure a second round appearance. He’s going to have his hands full with Kyrie, but on the flip side, Irving is not much of a defensive stopper. In the first round, Teague averaged 26.8 FanDuel points per game. That may not be the greatest per game total, but it’s very hard to pick someone any lower than him at his reasonable $6,700 price tag.

    Shooting Guards

    Danny Green ($4,000)

    Everyone knows how good of a player Danny Green is, but this season he has not been that same player. However, Green may be back after a solid 18-point and three-block night in Game 1 against the Thunder. Consistency has not been his strong suit this season, but at arguably the thinnest position, you can’t go wrong picking a guy who can fill up the entire box score.

    Dion Waiters ($3,700)

    Waiters was a huge let down in Game 1, but I don’t blame him for it. I blame the coaching and the fact that he only saw 16 minutes of action. Yes, I know I’m advocating that Waiters needs more minutes and I’ll take it one step further by saying he needs more touches on offense. Not just because I have him in my lineup, but because Tony Parker has been guarding the shooting guard position while Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green man down the two superstars. Waiters will need to exploit the old man Tony Parker and take advantage of the mismatch.

    Small Forward

    LeBron James ($10,300)

    James is looking to start off the second round of the playoffs with a win. The Hawks are not the strongest at guarding the wing position and you can expect LBJ to get his 40-50 FanDuel points without a bit of worry. Through the first round of the playoffs, James averaged 45.4 FanDuel points per game.

    Thabo Sefolosha ($3,700)

    Sefolosha is a value play at $3,700. His numbers through the first round of the playoffs are not too attractive, but he is Atlanta’s best wing defender and he will be tasked with slowing down LeBron James. You’re hoping for at least 18-20 FanDuel points by the end of the night, which is a reasonable number to shoot towards.

    Power Forward

    Paul Millsap ($8,600)

    With Millsap’s opposition being Kevin Love, it was almost too obvious of a choice. Millsap has been the focal point for the Hawks on offense and is someone who can score in multiple different ways. On the defensive side, he stays active, pestering his opponents and protecting the rim. Millsap has averaged 36.2 FanDuel points through the postseason.

    Serge Ibaka ($5,600)

    It’s been hit-or-miss with Ibaka during the postseason. One game he is playing extremely well and the next he is playing at a sub-par level. However, he is going to need to step up in a big way for OKC on the defensive end after allowing LaMarcus Aldridge to score 38 points in Game 1. Ibaka has the potential to give you 35-38 FanDuel points with his ability to fill up a stat sheet, but let’s just stay modest and expect 30 FanDuel points shall we?


    Al Horford ($7,600)

    The weak spot for the Cavs is their big men, which is the Hawks’ strongest position on their roster. Both Horford and Millsap will be relied upon heavily to exploit the Cavs’ weakness and carry the Hawks to victory. Horford is averaging 34.4 FanDuel points through the postseason and we all know he has the potential to go for 40-45 FanDuel points on any given night.

    After setting this lineup, you should have $2,000 left to spend where you see fit. You could move up from Ibaka and get Kevin Love or you could move up from Sefolosha and go after Kent Bazemore. With an extra $2,000 to spend, the options and decisions you make become very intriguing.

    Do you think you can build a better lineup? Test your skill in Hoop Ball’s free entry DFS league here: www.fanduel.com/entry/15466-24305750?invitedby=makinmiracles&cnl=mgbo


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