• The weekend gave us some very interesting basketball. Not so much entertaining, but interesting nonetheless.

    The favorites to meet once again in the finals (Cavs and Warriors) were both upset by their opponents in Game 3. Are the Raptors finally waking up? How good are the Thunder? These were the questions I’m asking myself after seeing these two teams get the win. OKC has been fun to watch throughout the postseason, upsetting the Spurs in the second round and now holding a 2-1 series lead over the 73-win reigning champs.

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    Value Plays

    Cory Joseph ($3,700)

    I’ve brought him up countless times and he’s finally starting to come back around. The Raptors needed that spark heading into Game 3 and a big reason for their win was because of the help from their bench, most notably Cory Joseph. In his last two games, Joseph has finished with 24.5 and 22.5 FDPs and at $200 above minimum salary that’s the return you expect to get from the Raptors’ sixth man.

    Dion Waiters ($3,800)

    Waiters has been relatively consistent with his play throughout the postseason, averaging 15.8 FDPs per game. While his numbers may not jump off the page, he has been a guy that you can expect 15-20 FDPs from and he’ll get that for you. If you’re looking to spend your money somewhere else and looking for a decent punt option, Waiters could be looked at as a viable option.

    Patrick Patterson ($4,000)

    After starting Luis Scola and getting almost nothing in return, Dwane Casey will be even more obliged to give minutes to the former Kentucky Wildcat. Patterson should get you 20 FDPs and his ceiling is maybe 25 FDPs. With the limited upside and his inability to produce defensive stats, I would lean more towards Waiters and Joseph. However, if you want someone who you know will be seeing minutes and has the potential to get hot from 3-point range, then Patterson is your guy.

    Mid-Level Plays

    Andre Iguodala ($4,500)

    Even in a blowout loss, Iguodala was able to produce a decent 21.3 FDP night for his DFS users. While most were probably hoping for a little more bang for their buck, Iguodala was still able to give owners a usable line. His ability to collect defensive stats while also filling up a stat sheet makes him very valuable. He continues to be a mid-level must play guy, especially when the Warriors are playing him 25-30 minutes.

    Serge Ibaka ($5,000)

    Ibaka hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been terrible either. He’s been starting to come to life over his last four games, averaging 25.8 FDPs per contest. What’s really been helping his production is his rebounding as he’s been averaging 9.2 rebounds over the last four outings. He finished with 30.6 FDPs in the Game 3 blowout win and what got him over that 30 point hump was his defensive stats. Ibaka has the potential to get you three or four blocks in a game, if he could do that while adding his 9.2 rebounds and double-digit scoring he becomes a very strong DFS piece.

    Expensive Plays

    You guys already know your expensive plays and what those players can give you in return with the money you spent. With all that said, I do have some advice for you. In the East, the Cavs were just bit by the Raptors, so you should expect to see the top dog in the Eastern Conference bite back. That means LeBron James is someone you might want to favor putting your lineups.

    Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant combined for 63 points in Game 3. Will that happen again? That’s debatable, but what we do know is that these two guys are going to have the ball in their hands a lot. Finally, Stephen Curry and Draymond Green* are the two most expensive players for the Warriors. After a huge loss in Game 3, you can expect to see a big output from these two Warriors.

    Just in case you still wanted my recommended top three, here they are:

    Russell Westbrook ($9,800)

    LeBron James ($10,100)

    Draymond Green ($9,400)*

    *Assuming Green doesn’t get suspended

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