• As the conference finals are taking place, the DFS lineups have become a bit repetitive. However, we here at Hoop Ball still want to provide you with a base to start setting your lineups. Instead of giving you the exact card, I’m going to give you the top three value plays, mid-level plays and big money plays of the day.

    Value Plays

    Cory Joesph ($3,500)

    The Raptors are being embarrassed by the Cavs. Both Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan have been struggling through the entire postseason and it has continued into the Eastern Conference Finals. Toronto is going to need a spark from someone on their roster and I could see Dwane Casey looking to his backup point guard for that jump start. I wouldn’t place him in your lineup if you’re expecting 30 FDPs, but if you’re okay with 20-25 FDPs and you want the cap space to spend on someone more expensive.

    Dion Waiters ($3,800)

    Waiters is due for a breakout game. He has been dud more than a stud, but when he’s aggressive and the opposing team is focused on Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, he has the potential to score baskets. Heading into OKC for Game 3 and the series tied at 1-1, the Thunder will need to have someone step up if they are to hold off and upset the reigning champs.

    Andrew Bogut ($3,700)

    Bogut needs to be in your lineups for two reasons – 1) He will be low-owned. 2) He fills a stat sheet. The veteran center has yet to exceed 20 minutes in the series. However, he has still been able to get you double-digit FDPs and if he could score while adding his defensive stats, Bogut could be a steal at his price tag.

    Mid-level Plays

    Andre Iguodala ($4,500)

    The Warriors have still chosen to start Harrison Barnes, but Iguodala has still seen starter’s minutes. He has been the Dubs go to guy in trying to slow down Kevin Durant and he has been doing an admiral job. Iguodala can fill a stat sheet and that makes him very valuable.

    Kyrie Irving ($7,300)

    Okay, this is not a mid-level play, but he’s not as expensive as many would assume he should be with how well he has been playing through the postseason. Uncle Drew has been putting on a show and the Raptors’ defense has had no response for his prolific scoring production. Put him in your lineup.

    Expensive Plays

    LeBron James ($9,800)

    LeBron has been showcasing why his nickname is King James through the postseason, but even more so, against the Raptors. Toronto has no answer for him and he’ll keep putting up big numbers until he faces a formidable opponent in the actual Finals.

    Russell Westbrook ($9,800)

    Westbrook is just a monster and has triple-double potential every time he steps on the floor. Even if you see the Warriors run away with this series, you should still see Westbrook putting up massive numbers. He has taken his game to a whole other level since getting blown out by the Spurs and while most see the Thunder coming home on a loss, I look at it as they went to Golden State and did what they needed to do – steal home court advantage. There will be huge energy from the home crowd, the chance to take the series lead and you know Westbrook will find something else to be mad at. Expect the Thunder’s pit bull to come out and have himself a big night.

    Draymond Green ($9,400)

    Green is the modern day Z-Bo. Remember back in the day when Zach Randolph played for the Blazers and he would bully everyone with his size, but most of all, his mouth. That’s Draymond Green. He plays bully ball, but unlike Z-Bo he bullies his opponents in multiple different ways and not just with his size. He’s a passer, a scorer, a defender and one of the team’s best rebounders. Green is the backbone of the Warriors’ greatness this season and his numbers continue to prove just how valuable he is to Golden State. He’s a DFS monster and hasn’t scored less than 35 FDPs since April 24th, when he scored 34.6. Put him in your lineups with confidence.

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