• This could be elimination day for the reigning champs. All eyes will be closely watching to see if OKC can shock the NBA world once the ball tips off inside Oracle Arena. Yesterday we spoke about paying attention to the expensive players and how in this stage of the DFS season it’s time to take risks in certain areas of your roster. As the FanDuel’s NBA season is coming to a close, it’s a good time to look at a few players who are hot and who are not.

    Who’s hot?

    Russell Westbrook ($10,400)

    Westbrook has been a monster and he’s a big reason why his team holds a 3-2 series lead over the Warriors. He’s averaged 58.3 FDPs over his last three games, which is 24.4 more FDPs then Stephen Curry. He’s a walking triple-double and even if OKC can’t close the series in Game 5, you can still expect a strong fantasy night from the rage monster that is Westbrook.

    Serge Ibaka ($5,200)

    Ibaka has returned to form over his last four games averaging 25.5 FDPs per game. He’s really made his impact on the defensive side of the ball where he’s averaging 1.3 blocks and 1.6 steals through the Conference Finals. Those defensive stats have complimented his 11.2 points and 8.5 rebounds per game. Ibaka’s last game in Oakland was a flop finishing with just three points. If OKC expects to wrap up the series, they’re going to need Ibaka to produce.

    Steven Adams ($5,200)

    Adams has been a force for the Thunder throughout the postseason. In the four games against the Warriors, Adams is averaging 11 points and 8.5 rebounds per game while shooting 59.1 percent from the field. With so much attention as the Warriors focus on how they’re going to slow down Kevin Durant and Westbrook, Adam’s has been the guy benefiting from the drive and dish situation while also cleaning up the glass with putbacks. You may not get a 50 FDP night from him, but he’s consistent and can bring you a very usable stat line.

    Who’s cold?

    Bismack Biyombo ($6,000)

    My boy Biyombo has been on a tear and this may be a surprise seeing him on the cold list after only one bad fantasy outing. However, with Jonas Valanciunas back in the rotation and seeing 18 minutes of action you’re going to see Biyombo’s production begin to decline. The defensive minded, energetic center is a player that needs to have minutes on the floor to put together a good fantasy line. If he’s only getting 25 minutes, Biyombo becomes a better reality player than fantasy player.

    DeMarre Carroll ($4,300)

    The minutes have been there for the Carroll, but the production just hasn’t shown up. Through the five games of the Eastern Conference Finals, Carroll is averaging a putrid 14.3 FDPs per game. He’s someone you definitely want to avoid when shaping your roster, especially when you can have Andre Iguodala at the same price and averaging 7.5 more FDPs than Carroll.

    Stephen Curry ($9,700)

    It’s hard to believe that the league’s MVP is on the cold list, but the Thunder have put him in a defensive blanket and it’s led to Curry only averaging 37.3 FDPs per game. At a $9,700 price tag, you’re expecting a lot more from him. With his team facing elimination in front of their home crowd, maybe this is the game in which Curry can break out and have himself an MVP appearance.


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