• Heading into Monday’s game, the Warriors were eight-point favorites over the Thunder. In surprising fashion, OKC was able to defeat the Golden State in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Now don’t get me wrong, I still see the Warriors advancing to the finals, however, it seems as if this series is going to be a lot tougher than many expected.

    Moving now to Tuesday’s card; I was surprised by the price drop in a few players salary. For example, both Stephen Curry and Russell Westbrook have fallen from their $10,600 price points and have now dropped to $9,900. I’m assuming it’s because of the limited number of players to select and place in your roster and there has to enough salary to have a balanced roster. Again, that’s an assumption and I could be wrong and sound crazy to my fellow DFS colleges.

    For today’s card I’m going to be a bit different. Normally, you see my picks and I get the some criticism for not necessarily taking real ‘risk.’ I don’t necessarily stack my roster or throw all of my money into one position. So for Tuesday, May 17th, I’ve decided to be a little different while still feeling confident that this lineup can win me some money.

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    Point Guard

    Kyle Lowry ($8,600)

    Lowry has been disappointing throughout the majority of the playoffs. However, I’m still going to take the risk and place him in my lineup. I’m doing this for a couple reasons: One – he’s entering Game 1 against the Cavs after a stellar Game 7 against the Miami Heat. Two – the Cavs defense is not the strongest, especially when it comes to guarding the paint. If Lowry can stay in attack mode and finish around the rim, everyone will start to forget his woes through the first two rounds.

    Kyrie Irving ($7,100)

    Irving has had a week to rest and prep for the Eastern Conference Finals. He’s been great throughout the entire postseason and I wouldn’t expect that to change anytime soon. The Raptors’ defense has been mediocre and at times non-existent. If Irving is given the opportunity to take an open jumper or carve his way to the basket, he’s going to capitalize. I know it seems crazy to fade from Westbrook and Curry, both of whom got over 45 FDPs, but as we discussed yesterday it’s for the money you get to spend through your entire roster.

    Shooting Guard

    J.R. Smith ($4,900)

    Smith is getting kind of expensive, but with how well he’s been shooting the basketball it’s hard not putting him in your lineup. I understand the reasoning of pairing Klay Thompson and DeMar DeRozan together, but Smith has the potential to get 30 FDPs. Plus, you’re going to need to have a good small forward on your card, so I wouldn’t recommend spending too much money at the two guard position.

    Dion Waiters ($3,800)

    This is the punt play of the night. Waiters is a complete shot in the dark, however, he’s been playing fairly well over his last five games, averaging 17.5 FDPs per game. Now is that a great number? No, not really. But the fact that he’s just $300 over minimum salary and averaging 25.7 minutes over his last five outings, Waiters is a risk I’m willing to take.

    Small Forward

    LeBron James ($9,800)

    It’s a coin flip between Kevin Durant and LeBron James. Both hold the same price tag and both have the potential to get you 60 FDPs. After seeing KD finish with 45.3 FDPs in Monday’s win, I can see a lot of people now shifting their money to him over James. However, I still have James holding the slight edge over Durant. The Raptors just don’t have anyone on their roster that can slow King James. Toronto fans may think it’s DeMarre Carroll, but I’m sorry to burst your bubble and let you know that’s not going to happen.

    Andre Iguodala ($4,500)

    Iguodala proved in Game 1 that he’s going to be a big contributor in the series. The Dubs are going to throw the kitchen sink at Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant, and with Iguodala being one of the team’s better defenders he’s going to see minutes on the floor.

    Power Forward

    Draymond Green ($9,400)

    Was this even a surprise? Green has been phenomenal through the postseason and it continued in Game 1 against the Thunder, finishing the game with 39 FDPs. Green is someone who fills out the entire stat sheet and with his price dropping $900, he almost becomes a must play at the power forward position.

    Kevin Love ($7,700)

    Love was huge for the Cavs in their series against the Hawks. He was able to play both inside and out while also getting plenty of looks from beyond the perimeter. Love has a very favorable matchup against Patrick Patterson and if the Cavs continue to use Love the way they did against Atlanta, you can expect to see him having a big night.


    Andrew Bogut ($4,200)

    Even after going scoreless in Game 1, Bogut was still able to finish with 14 FDPs. I see that as a sign of potential. He finished the game with three rebounds, three assists, two blocks and a steal. If Bogut could get you those same stats while producing points and a few more rebounds, then you’re getting exactly what you’re paying for when placing him in your lineup.

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