• A blowout and a comeback, that’s what we saw on Tuesday night in the Association. Now we move on and take a look at Wednesday’s slate of games where we have three games on the docket. The Warriors look to knock out the Rockets, the Blazers look to capitalize on the Clippers’ injuries and the Heat look to bounce back after losing two on the road.

    Vegas Point Totals

    I look at these numbers every day before making my lineup. Las Vegas predicts the total amount of points scored by both teams in the game. If Vegas predicts a high-scoring game, then that leads me to believe that there is DFS player potential for those games.

    Hornets vs. Heat: 193 1/2
    Blazers vs. Clippers: 195 1/2
    Rockets vs. Warriors: 212 1/2

    Like most would assume, the two games predicted to have the highest scoring totals are the teams playing out West. I think it’s safe to say that you will be seeing a lot of players from those two matchups in my lineup.

    Point Guard

    Damian Lillard ($8,000)

    With the loss of Chris Paul for the Clippers, Lillard should be able to feast on the likes of Austin Rivers (who is already listed as the expected starter for L.A.). Dame D.O.L.L.A. has yet to justify his cost, but with CP3 now out of the picture that could change in a big way.

    Shaun Livingston ($4,400)

    The Warriors will be without Stephen Curry for at least two weeks, which leaves the door wide open for Livingston to continue to be a great contributor to your DFS lineups. Since replacing Curry, Livingston is averaging 29.4 FanDuel points per game. With a mid-level price of $4,400, you should feel extremely confident placing him in your lineups.

    Shooting Guards

    James Harden ($10,500)

    This one was a bit of a hard choice for me given the price. The game is in Oracle, an arena in which the Warriors only lost once in this season. If this game gets too out of hand, it would not be surprising to see Harden call it quits and sit on the sidelines. However, Harden has the potential to go off for 50-60 FanDuel points. If this game stays reasonably close, you can expect Harden to have a big night.

    Jamal Crawford ($4,800)

    With Paul done for the season, Blake Griffin done for the season and J.J. Redick dealing with a heel injury, Crawford is going to be given the green light to shoot the basketball. Although Crawford will be coming off the bench, you can fully expect him to see plenty of minutes and have his workload ramp up.

    Small Forward

    Al-Farouq Aminu ($6,000)

    Aminu’s price jumped up $500 after exploding for 51.5 FanDuel points in Game 4. He was the one playing the most defense on Griffin, but with Griffin now done for the season and Jeff Green taking over the starting role, he now finds himself in arguably a better matchup. Through this series, Aminu has averaged 32.3 FanDuel points per game and at $6,000 I can’t complain about that.

    Andre Iguodala ($4,300)

    Iguodala stepped up in a big way for the Warriors when Curry went out. He is a huge part of this team and while sometimes it hasn’t shown up on the stat sheet, however, through the playoffs that has not been the case. Iguodala has averaged 28.1 FanDuel points over his last three games.

    Power Forward

    Draymond Green ($8,800)

    You can expect Green to be a highly-owned player tonight. Green is someone who is almost a guarantee to get you 35 FanDuel points, but he has the upside to get you to the mid-40s. With this being a closeout game for the Warriors, I think the Rockets are going to have a hard time finding ways to control him.

    Luol Deng ($6,600)

    Deng has been a consistent player for the Heat through these playoffs. Although he has not necessarily hit his marks, Deng is someone who can get you the 28-30 points you want to have on your roster. Plus, the talent pool at the power forward position today is slim and I think adding a more reliable player than a risky player is always in your best interest.


    Mason Plumlee ($6,100)

    Plumlee has been amazing this postseason. He has completely surprised me and I sometimes still can’t believe how well he is playing. It has been his passing skills that have me in awe, finishing the last three games with seven, nine and 10 assists. Over his last three, Plumlee is averaging 45 FanDuel points per game. With Griffin ruled out, you may be able to get more rebounds and points out of him.

    If you’re looking for a punt play to add more talent in different areas, I would say getting a guy like Cole Aldrich at minimum salary is not a bad idea. Like Bismack Biyombo is for the Raptors, Aldrich provides energy, defense and rebounding for the Clippers. With Griffin out you could see him get closer to 20 minutes and that could get you 20 FanDuel points. It’s a risky play, but if it works out it could be a big help to your lineup.

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