• What a crazy night in the NBA as we witnessed the Thunder taking a 3-1 series lead over the 73-win Warriors. OKC is playing at such a high-level and they’re looking like a team that’s ready to become NBA champions. Remember earlier in the season when everyone was debating whether or not Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant could work together? These two superstars are shutting up those haters with their postseason play and now just one game away from returning to the NBA Finals.

    If you’re like me, you weren’t expecting this type of play from the Thunder. They’re playing like a completely different team from the regular season. They’re not afraid of running with up-and-down teams and they can also play big. It has been incredible and it will be very interesting to see how the Warriors respond to the pressure of an elimination game.

    Let’s move into the fantasy side of it all shall we? If you listened to the Fantasy NBA Today podcast with myself and Dan Besbris yesterday, you heard my recommendation of placing Dion Waiters and Andre Roberson as your shooting guards for your Tuesday-Wednesday card. While I didn’t expect this type of performance, both Roberson and Waiters have been stepping up in a big way for the Thunder since the second round against the Spurs.

    However, – and you can look at this as a good or bad thing – even with the breakout performances we have not seen much change in the prices to use these players. For example, Roberson who finished last night’s game with 49.9 FDPs is still a minimum salary player. Waiters who finished with 16.1 FDPs is $400 more expensive. I know one game doesn’t say much, but even over their last four outings, Roberson has averaged 7.9 more FDPs than Waiters.

    Another player who has seen no change to his price is Serge Ibaka. The shot blocking big man had his struggles for the latter half of the season, but over his last five games Ibaka has returned to form, averaging 25.9 FDPs per game. That’s 0.8 FDPs less than $6,700 Kevin Love.

    Why does this matter? How does this affect me when I’m making my lineups?

    As I said on Tuesday’s podcast, you’re seeing too many similar lineups and that’s making it more difficult for you to win money in leagues. Each league has basically now turned into tournament plays. You look at the price tag for these players and with these limited changes, you’re going to need to find ways to make your lineup original. I’ve been doing a new lineup idea through the postseason that’s been quite successful. Instead of punting a player here or there, I’ve decided to punt an entire position.

    There’s just too much talent on the table to not find a way to put the most expensive players in your lineup. With the talent at the two-spot limited and with how well the two young low-costing players in OKC are producing, this idea shapes up to be a reasonable punt play. To have the money to place Stephen Curry, Westbrook and LeBron James in your lineup is never a bad idea.

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