• Luke Kennard says he has a workout scheduled with the Magic, Knicks, Mavs and Hornets.

    He worked out for the Pistons on Saturday and appears to have many teams still to get through before the draft in mid-June. The Magic (picking sixth), Knicks (eighth), Mavs (ninth) and Hornets (11th) appear to all want a session with the Duke sophomore. Kennard, who averaged 19.5 points last season, was widely expected to be a top-20 pick this upcoming draft, but it seems he has a good chance to land in the top-10. He should fit in with all teams looking for scoring at the two-guard spot, whether it is as a starter or off the bench. We can only speculate at this stage and will have to wait and see where he will fall in the draft on the 22 of June, 2017.

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