• Ray McCallum and Briante Weber both couldn’t hit the barn in Monday’s blowout loss to the Rockets.

    McCallum hit 2-of-10 shots (including a three) with two rebounds, four assists and two steals, and Weber hit 1-of-8 shots for three points with seven rebounds, three assists and two steals.  Both guys could stand to have Lance Stephenson around so the talent level improves, as numbers tend to get screwed up during 49-point losses.  There is going to be a bit of a garbage-time element to Grizzlies games as they up the pace and lack talent, so hanging on to both guys just to see where this heads could be wise.  After all, P.J. Hairston was the most recent Memphis player to get hurt tonight.  That said, they can’t possibly be must-own players considering their talent issues and lack of history producing in standard formats. 

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