• The Nets will have five games in a week after next week’s three-game set, and here is a list of their obscure players and how they did in Saturday’s loss to the Pistons.

    Sean Kilpatrick may be most interesting because he’s gunning these days and he had 15 points, two threes and two boards.  Henry Sims came out of nowhere for 10 and eight with a steal and block, but he’ll need to do that all next week for us to pay attention.  Shane Larkin went for 11 and five with no steals so in other words it was a normal letdown sort of night. 

    Sergey Karasev returned to normal production levels with two points, one rebound and one assist in 15 minutes, and Wayne Ellington fell off the face of the fantasy planet with one point, three rebounds, three assists and a steal in 27 whopping minutes. Thomas Robinson scored two points with five rebounds and two assists.  Donald Sloan went for six and nine with a rebound in 24 minutes, and Willie Reed went for 13 and six with two blocks in 28 minutes starting for Brook Lopez.  Get your popcorn ready.

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