• Mo Speights had another good game in Wednesday’s 121-85 blowout win over the Knicks, scoring 13 points on 4-of-8 shooting (including three treys) with three rebounds, two assists and one block in just 16 minutes of action.

    So is Mo Speights a thing now?  Is he the victory cigar gift that keeps on giving?  We don’t know but he has been in this ballpark for four of five games now and he’s hitting threes.  Before you say this is all garbage time stuff the Warriors are in garbage time almost every time they play.  We’re not going to tell you to run out and grab him in 12-14 team leagues, but he has been a top 135-150 value over his last eight games — mixing in a few stinkers to even things out in a 13.4 mpg sample.  The Warrior have a great schedule the rest of the way and though they’re gunning for the Bulls and beyond, they will also try and rest their studs at the same time.  You’re not crazy for thinking Mo Speights might be able to help you down the stretch. 

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