• The Mavs picked up a 98-93 win on Tuesday thanks to a nice night from J.J. Barea, who posted 20 points, three rebounds, four assists and two triples on 9-of-18 from the floor in just 23 minutes of work.

    Barea typically gets more assists than this but had to take on a big scoring load against the Raptors. He led the team in shots tonight and helped put together a 17-0 run in the third that flipped this game upside down. While there are three point guards to see time for the Mavs, Yogi Ferrell went scoreless in 20 minutes and Dennis Smith Jr. continued to wreck owners’ field goal percentages. Barea has a consistent role as the team’s sixth man and should be picked up after this one with the caveat that he won’t have many more 20-point nights.

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