• Rodney Hood was the only Jazz starter to score in double-digits in their blowout loss to the Thunder, posting 11 points on 4-of-9 shooting (including two threes) with two rebounds and one assist in 29 minutes.

    This actually represents an improvement for Hood as both he and Gordon Hayward (six points, five assists, 23 minutes) are struggling with their respective back and foot injuries down the stretch.  The same thing can be said for Rudy Gobert (four points, six boards, one block, 16 minutes) and we’re guessing he is dealing with an injury or weakness, probably to the same knee he injured earlier in the year.  Gobert can be dropped if you don’t want to toil around with his risk/reward quotient. 

    Shelvin Mack joined the fun with six points, two boards, four assists and three steals, and Derrick Favors had just seven points, two boards and two steals in 22 minutes.  Coming off a huge win over the Rockets and playing in the SEGABABA, this is not a game to make evaluations with in a vacuum. 

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