• Robert Covington scored 11 points on 3-of-9 shooting (3-of-7 from deep) with five rebounds, one assist, one steal and two blocks over 46 minutes of action in Monday’s double-overtime loss to the Knicks.

    Whether it was his knee, his confidence, the arrival of Jerry Colangelo, bad play or all of the above — Covington still had mid-round value on the year before today’s game and dropping a guy like that for a few bad weeks was nuts.  The situation reeks of teaching Covington a lesson about defensive play and as one of the team’s better defenders, he just needs to keep his energy and confidence up.  If it all clicks he has late-early round upside, and he did get seen limping at one point in the game but nothing was said about in any of the postgame coverage so it’s probably minor.

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