• Richaun Holmes played just nine minutes and managed just one rebound and one assist in Thursday’s loss to the Kings.

    This game was weird from the get-go and Holmes saw all of his minutes in the first half but Brett Brown wanted to go away from him when Zach Randolph was on the floor it appeared, opting for cagey veteran Amir Johnson to stay down on all the fakes.  Holmes is typically a stat magnet but against the Kings’ helter-skelter second unit the game went uptempo and weird and he put up goose eggs. 

    We’ve watched too many Kings games to know that they can make a box score go weird and fast so we’re not making any big movements to his value after tonight.  If you need a top-75 producing player on your roster right this moment then you can drop him, but in every other scenario we’re still advising a hold.  He needs just 20 mpg to be a standalone value and you can probably make it work with 17-19 mpg, and the upside just goes on beyond that.  

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