• Taj Gibson (hamstring) will play on Saturday against the Jazz and E’Twaun Moore (hamstring) will miss one week of action according to mayor Fred Hoiberg.

    Gibson is a must-start player and as we’ve discussed a lot around here, the Bulls have a great schedule with nine games in the next two weeks starting on Monday.  Moore’s absence from the first week of that steals away a lot of his momentum, but don’t sleep on that subsequent week and decide if his late-round numbers when healthy can help you during that five-game slate.  There is a very good chance one or more of his teammates gets hurt or requires rest during the heavy slate. 

    This opens up the discussion between Justin Holiday and Aaron Brooks, the latter of which had come on a little bit on Thursday but also has ‘shooter’s elbow.’  Holiday is a bit of a stat magnet and has the classic upside/risk play for owners to consider, while Brooks has just one good game under his belt.  Hoiberg could decided to go with the hot hand on a game-to-game basis, but we like Holiday for his record getting minutes in the past week or so and also his statistical upside.  He just needs to play under control and not bust out.  Either player comes with the bonus of being thrust into a must-start role in the five-game week. 

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