• Arron Afflalo has agreed to a two-year, $25 million deal with the Kings according to The Vertical.

    Afflalo did not make the cut in our shooting guard rankings because he has declined on offense, takes up too much offense and hasn’t been a good defender for a while.  In fact, he hasn’t played at even an average level since his Orlando days and that was before the knee issues.  Yes, he has injury concerns and at just two years the exposure here is minimal, but there were any number of players they could have gotten that would have set them up better.

    Update: The Kings have basically setup a one-year deal with just $1.5 million of Year 2 guaranteed.  This deal is actually pretty good because it means the Kings are punting on big contracts during perhaps the worst free agency period in league history given the amount of money on the line and lack of overall talent. 

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