• Jahlil Okafor and the NBA Trade Deadline

    Bryan Colangelo spoke on Sirius XM radio and pushed back on reports that he’s shopping his big men, but admitted he’s not comfortable with the concentration of big men on his roster but he’s not going to make a bad deal.

    “We have to figure out what we’re going to do with everybody. When you look at the calls coming in, quite frankly, everyone’s trying to poach a big man from us.”  It’s worth a listen and you’ll definitely come away with the feeling that one of the bigs is on the way out, and the question will be what the Sixers can bring back in return.  Even if you subtract a big man, there is still a bit of a crowd in the frontcourt and at the same time the perimeter positions are both weak and stocked with recent acquisitions so that’s somewhat hard to read.  If we’re the Sixers, we’re not breaking our backs to make a bad deal but eventually they’ll have to make a move. 

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