• Bucks general manager John Hammond told XM Sirius radio that Michael Carter-Williams “has the potential to be a top-10 player at his position.

    We credit John for his optimism and he’s just saying what he’s supposed to say on these shows, though the oversell does sound a lot like a guy that’s trying to build a trade market.  In reality, Carter-Williams is still dogged by a bad jumpshot and the other more proficient aspects of his game haven’t come along enough to keep him on the floor longer than last year’s 30.5 mpg.  Surely there is a market for MCW and though there are plenty of drunken sailor operations out there that might take a swing at him, but any sober operation isn’t viewing his upside as anything but a top-30 point guard.  Anything else on top of that is icing on the cake. 

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