• Caron Butler will exercise his $1.5 million player option for next season according to The Vertical.

    Even when Butler was on the floor last season for the Kings and making a jump shot here and a jump shot there, he was still giving them up on the other end with his aged defense.  Some of the talk about his locker room presence was overblown but with the remnants of the Pete D’Alessandro regime finally out of there his veteran presence will have more grip than it did during the cold war between George Karl and DeMarcus Cousins. 

    For what it’s worth too, Butler went on ESPN and pointed out that Karl never really recovered from trying to trade Cousins without authorization, and also added that players were shocked that Karl wasn’t let go after they had been told he was being let go.  He isn’t going to back Cousins on all of his behavior, but he’s among the larger group of Kings players that is realistic about what happened during the PDA era and he’s going to be a nice piece on the bench because he knows that history. 

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