• Danilo Gallinari reiterated his desire to remain with the Nuggets to Italian publication La Gazzetta dello Sport (via Sportando), saying “[m]y goal is to remain in Denver… Nuggets are my first option.”

    Earlier this summer Gallinari was quoted as saying that the Nuggets would be one in the crowd of suitors and that he’d treat them the same as everyone else, but that appears to have changed. He also said that Denver will be one of his first meetings, so there’s the potential for something to be worked out quickly here. Gallo is coming off a very nice season that was ended early by injuries but has the skillset to command big money, even if that’s short of the max. On that note, while he feels worthy of a max deal he understands one might not come, saying “the market says something different and I won’t get the maximum… I hope I can end up in an important situation more than with an important contract.” Winning seems to be an important factor here, and the Nuggets are a team on the rise. It’s a nice fit with lots of familiarity but much of it will depend on Denver’s other moves in free agency.

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