• Dario Saric scored 10 points and had 11 rebounds and was named MVP of FIBA’s Olympic qualifying tournament in Turin, as the Croatian squad beat Italy in overtime by the score of 67-60.

    This was a really fun game with some controversy as Danilo Gallinari was fouled out on a pretty bad call, and then the teams traded tough misses throughout the end of the game.  Saric probably had Sixers fans foaming at the mouth in this tournament, as he showed off all of his versatility and even put together some good defense against Giannis Antetokounmpo in the semis. 

    It sounds like he could stay overseas because he can both make more money coming to the NBA the following season when he’s not on a rookie-scale deal, and also wait out the Ben Simmons situation to see if the Sixers can trade some of their excess assets in the frontcourt. 

    Update: Dario says he’s coming to America but we don’t know the context here. Is he saying next year or just in general?

    Update: Moore had previously reported that Saric could stay overseas because of the aforementioned issues.  This seems very much up in the air. 

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