• Donovan Mitchell got a 50 in each round to knock off  Larry Nance, Dennis Smith and Victor Oladipo and win the Slam Dunk competition on Saturday night.

    Oladipo struggled on his first dunk and couldn’t recover, while Larry Nance paid homage to his father and though DSJ’s dunk was solid, it wasn’t winning any titles.  Mitchell brought out a second backboard to pass it off and led after one dunk with a 48.  For his second dunk Dipo broke out a Black Panther Mask that he got from Chadwick Boseman, but the dunk wasn’t good enough to make up for his first score.  DSJ got a 50 for his second dunk but Nance got 49 and Mitchell got 50 for his so he and Nance made the final.  Nance threw a double tap to himself and dunked it but lost to Mitchell and his tribute to Vince Carter

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