• Draymond Green scored 16 points on 5-of-11 shooting (including two threes) with 11 rebounds, seven assists, four steals and one block in the Warriors’ 104-89 win over the Cavs in Game 1 on Thursday.

    Last series was not a Draymond Green series.  But unless the Cavs decide to match up LeBron on Green the entire time, this is going to be THE Draymond Green series.  He led the starters with a +18 on the night as he ran around and stole lunch money from the other kids, with advantages against just about anybody not named LeBron he may face. 

    The Warriors continue to eschew smart basketball plays to defiantly run their normal stuff, and it got the Splash Brothers in trouble as they combined to his just 8-of-27 shots against some very bad defense.  Harrison Barnes was solid with 13 points and a number of aggressive plays on both ends of the floor.  The Warriors have a few ways they can mess this up and start losing games — including playing their centers and continuing to be lackadaisical — but you won’t find us betting big money that this series goes beyond five games. 

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