• Adrian Wojnarowski reported on Thursday that Festus Ezeli has signed a two-year, $15-16 million deal with the Blazers, including a team option.

    Ezeli’s contract is a bit of a stunner but not so when you consider that he has knee issues and much of the exorbitant numbers that were being kicked around months ago — those were based on the fact all we had ever seen was upside out of him.  When the downsides starting rearing their ugly heads, including a prolonged playoff struggle, the market softened considerably and now the Blazers have him on a manageable deal. 

    One has to wonder what this means for Meyers Leonard, who really should only play as a center due to a lack of foot-speed.  As a restricted free agent, which team will decide they want a stretch five that doesn’t block or steal the ball — or based on last year — doesn’t rebound.  There is some potential for Leonard to bounce back because he was so miscast, banged-up and under-confident throughout, but it will take the right fit out there to make it work (or worth pursuing). 

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