• Manu Ginobili scored 11 points on 5-of-8 shooting (including a three) with three rebounds, one assist, two steals and one block in 22 minutes off the bench in Monday’s Game 2 loss to the Thunder.

    Ginobili was clearly shoved by an inbounding Dion Waiters on the game’s final play and if one wants to get technical Ginobili did cross into Waiters’ space at least a little bit.  It made for a wild ending and you can check out the video below and be the judge.

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If they chose to call a violation on Manu for stepping on the line, a tech ft should’ve been awarded to the Thunder plus a new inbound. Irrelevant now cos they won anyway. If they chose to call an offensive foul or violation on Waiters’ inbound, possession would’ve been awarded to the Spurs. Guess what? Spurs managed to steal the ball thanks to another non-call on the mugging of Durant. So Spurs steal the ball. Do they call a time out? No, they do not. Instead, they choose to play on and get nothing out of it. So how does… Read more »

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