• Coach Ty Lue shot down rumors of J.R. Smith coming off the bench for Game 3.

    Smith has not played up to the standard the Cavs expect in this year’s Finals. After going scoreless in 14 minutes last game, rumors spread that they may go with Shumpert in Game 3. Coach Lue squashed that this morning at today’s practice. Shumpert has not played exceptionally well, only scoring six points in Game 2 but hasn’t appeared to be afraid of the moment, whereas Smith has been unimaginably timid. The decision to stick with Smith may have to do with Shumpert requiring an IV after Game 2 as a result of cramping from the extraneous effort he has been putting forth against Kevin Durant, but as for now Smith will be the starting SG for Cleveland. He hopes to get himself corrected when the Cavs come home for Game 3 on Wednesday night. 

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