• Jalen Green
    SG, International

    Jalen Green, the top high school prospect, has decided to partake in the NBA/G League professional pathway, per ESPN.

    The pathway is a G League initiative that will "pay elite prospects $500,000-plus and provide a one-year development program outside of the minor league's traditional team structure." With this decision, Green, the potential top pick in the 2021 draft, has chosen to bypass the NCAA and international routes. Recently the college game has lost top prospects to the allure of professional basketball overseas, but this now provides players an additional route to the pros that's closer to home and may prove to be more financially lucrative as well. It's a fascinating idea for the league, as teams will be able to keep much closer tabs on top prospects while also knowing the quality of coaches and competition that recruits are facing. It's reported that the league hopes to fill Green's team with other top prospects and veterans, with opponents consisting of NBA Academy teams, foreign teams and potentially 10-12 games against G League teams that won't count in the standings. Ultimately the goal is to help Green and similar prospects assimilate to NBA life.

    Source: ESPN

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