• Jamal Crawford and the Clippers have agreed to a three-year, $42 million deal.

    This is pretty surprising but after losing out in the Kevin Durant sweepstakes and sitting idle in free agency maybe they felt like they couldn’t lose another player.  Their original offer irritated Crawford and they must have improved it considerably to patch that all up. 

    We projected $9 million per year for three years but we drastically underrated how crazy the market would be, and this is yet another overpay for the Clippers after they doled out big money to Austin Rivers.  We had Crawford as the No. 17 ranked shooting guard based on that lower number, and this would obviously drop him a few more slots. 

    Update: The last year of the deal is partially guaranteed.  We’ll need to know more about the number to make a call on that (it’s probably not going to change this from being a bad deal).

    Update II: That’s a crazy original offer when the coach/GM’s son is getting massively overpaid.

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