• The Pistons have come to an agreement with Jon Leuer for four years and $42 million.

    It was hard to gauge whether or not Leuer was even noticed by the market because he was barely noticed in Phoenix by anybody, including coaches and media, despite putting up per-36 numbers of 16 & 10, 2.1 assists, 1.1 steals and 0.9 blocks.  The slender big man isn’t great at any one thing but he can do mostly everything, shooting well from deep (38.2 percent on 3.2 3PAs/gm) while having the ability to run the floor.  He defends at an average level and he can rebound his position.

    We had Leuer ranked as our No. 6 power forward prospect in free agency this summer at a projected three years and $7 million per year because we thought the market might have fallen asleep.  Even at this increased cost this is a solid pickup for the Pistons.

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