• In discussing the ramifications of yesterday’s big trade between the Celtics and Sixers, ESPN’s Ramona Shelburne mentioned that Josh Jackson may have been promised by both the Suns and the Kings that they’ll take him if he’s on the board when they pick.

    Interesting. Jackson is a lock to go in the top-5, and it’s believed that he’s Boston’s top choice. That was the impetus for their trade down to the three spot but it now sounds like they’re looking at Duke’s Jayson Tatum there as well. Of course, the Lakers could decide to pick Jackson instead of presumptive No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball and throw everything out of order. Though today’s news of Paul George preferring to land with the Lakers in 2018 (if not earlier) would point to them shying away from SF types. With Ball refusing to work out for the Celtics, they may choose to pass on him or trade down further. The Celtics also have yet to make any assurances to Jackson but that’s the smallest hurdle of the bunch at the moment. There are plenty of moving parts in all these scenarios and we’ll probably have to wait until Thursday night to get any clarity here.

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