• Kevin Love scored nine points on 3-of-9 shooting with 14 rebounds, three assists and two steals in Sunday’s Game 7 win over the Warriors.

    Love clearly had designs on getting to the glass as he sacrificed some availability in the corners to immediately chase offensive boards, but mostly he was placed closer to the rim on offense and defensively he saw a lot of minutes against the Warriors bigs that inexplicably got big minutes.  Though he was still a liability defensively in the game’s deciding moments he found himself isolated against Stephen Curry, and though the Warriors didn’t execute the set well at all — he slid his feet and forced Curry into a tough miss. 

    No Cavs player has been criticized more than Love and it would have been easy for him to disappear so this is a moment of redemption any way one slices it.  Now whether or not the Cavs decide to keep it together is another question, but they undoubtedly go into next season with less pressure to change the formula that won them a championship. 

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