• The Kings and Pacers have been in trade discussions centered on Rudy Gay.

    Vivek Ranadive likes Monta Ellis from his days with Golden State but to be 100 percent clear we’re not sure who the deal is centered around on the Indy side.  The Kings need help in their backcourt and Ellis as a combo guard could help bring immediate depth to the position.  Gay has a player option on the remainder of his two years and $27 million, while Monta Ellis has three years and a player option totaling about $33 million.  The long-term money going to Ellis isn’t a great return for the Kings here because Gay’s contract is a nice value, and on the Pacers’ side their weird summer would continue as Gay and Paul George don’t figure to pair all that well.  Stay tuned.

    Update: Stein tweeted that the Pacers would prefer to give up Rodney Stuckey and though he fits a need that’s not moving the needle for the Kings. Sam Amick checks in with the historic reference to the Kings’ pursuit of Monta, but the fit in Indy doesn’t make sense and we’re not getting confirmation of any of these pieces on our end just yet.  Maybe a third team gets involved.  

    Update II: Amick confirms what our sources tell us which is that the Kings are not interested in Monta or Stuckey.  There is clearly some jostling of the market going on and we’ll see what the next shoe is to drop. 

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