• The Kings will rescind their qualifying offer to Seth Curry, making him an unrestricted free agent.

    Once they signed Garrett Temple he became expendable and that keeps the Kings from having to buy him at a premium.  Curry could get an offer anywhere between $5 and $8 million per year and it may be at the higher end of that range.  The Kings had been quiet about bringing him back so this isn’t too surprising, but he did have a nice run at the end of the year that resonated with a lot of the fan base. 

    At $8 million per season, it’s fair to give the Kings a passing grade for this decision because it’s probable he doesn’t crack the top-30 at either the point guard or shooting guard positions and he could very well struggle to stay in the top-45, too.  When good, motivated defenders locked him down he couldn’t shake free down the stretch and his defense will always be a bit suspect, even if he showed good awareness and energy when on the floor. 

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