• Kris Dunn scored 21 points on 9-of-17 shooting (0-for-4 3PTs, 3-of-5 FTs) with nine rebounds, four assists, eight personal fouls, four turnovers, one steal and one block in Sunday’s Summer League loss to the Raptors.

    Dunn was benched at one point for one of the most ridiculous defensive gambles we’ve seen in a while, as he sort of arbitrarily decided to leave a 3-point shooter to run halfway across the court to unnecessarily double-team the ballhandler in a desperate effort to create a steal. 

    Tom Thibodeau won’t be having any of that and the questions surrounding Dunn are basically 1) will his defense be a problem because of the lack of discipline and 2) can he get a reliable jump shot.  Everything else seems to be in place, though we don’t want to look too closely at Summer League as a judge of athletic talent. 

    Right now he looks very hard to cover, but the same can be said for countless others at Summer League and we don’t want to look like we’re having our first beer. That said, he certainly makes Ricky Rubio expendable if you’re the Wolves and they’re going to be scary soon. 

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