• Kristaps Porzingis said that he’d like to stay with the Knicks for his entire career and is looking forward to a new start with the organization, adding that he’s been in contact with team officials this summer.

    Porzingis said, “So far it’s been tough in New York, but my journey is only beginning and I hope to stay there my whole career, so as a city we can have some fun and win some games and do something big.” His contact with the front office is in contrast with Carmelo Anthony, who said he hasn’t spoken to anyone from new management. That’s a bit hard to believe, but Porzingis seems willing to reengage with the franchise after Phil Jackson’s wayward public punishment for the youngster skipping exit interviews nearly soured him on the whole Knicks experience. They’re very lucky that the relationship with the 22-year-old star has been salvaged. Porzingis has also spent the summer training in Latvia, with extra emphasis on strengthening his lower body.

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