• Kyrie Irving scored 26 points on 10-of-23 shooting (including two threes) with six rebounds, one steal and one block in the Cavs’ Game 7 win over the Warriors on Sunday.

    Kyrie’s defense will always be a sore spot and in particular in space and with assignments.  But once you get outside of that scope he did a bang-up job on Stephen Curry (when applicable) with physical play, goading the superstar into the type of contact he should have been avoiding.  Irving was effective for a point guard in terms of rim protection and offensively he was a cold-blooded killer — the type of player that everybody expected Curry to be in this series.  He took and made big shots with regularity and pulled the Cavs from the abyss countless times.  There will be way less talk about his place among the elite because he solidified his placement there in this series. 

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