• Shaun Livingston went to town against the Cavs’ soft defense in Thursday’s Game 1 win, scoring 20 points on 8-of-10 shooting (4-of-4 FTs) with four rebounds, three assists and one steal in 27 minutes.

    One can easily argue that Andre Iguodala (12 points, seven boards, six assists, one steal, one block, two threes) is more important because of his defense on LeBron and his overall play, but the Warriors getting 20 points from Livingston and 11 points from Leandro Barbosa is a pot of gold in the couch cushions.  Anderson Varejao drew a bunch of fouls and flopped around the court, and the Cavs have to be sick that the Warriors (and in particular their starters) played so bad and they still were barely in this game. 

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