• During Tuesday’s end-of-season interviews Marcin Gortat said he’d talk to his agent this summer and discuss whether the Wizards represent the right fit for him.

    That’s typical end-of-season talk, except Gortat isn’t an impending free agent. In fact, he has two years left on his deal. This sort of candor is rare, and Gortat may see the puzzle pieces laid out in front of him – he’s the oldest guy on the roster, Ian Mahinmi is signed for more term, and the NBA is simply moving away from traditional centers. While many are pointing out his lackluster scoring efforts this postseason, he remains the most effective big on Washington’s roster by a mile and is often the guy who winds up losing touches to the more offensively-inclined. Odds are he’ll be back with the Wizards next season, but that’s quite the quote to start his offseason.

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