• John Henson and Matt Barnes (20 points, seven boards, three assists, one steal, one block, three treys) were both ejected from Thursday’s game and there is speculation that Barnes went after him in the tunnel once they both left the court.

    We have no idea what happened.  Henson has a mark on his face that those covering the game said he didn’t have at the start of the night. Gus Johnson was quoting Biggie on the telecast, the Bucks twitter account was tweeting about it, Henson was hilarious after his blocked shot, and there will probably be an investigation at some point.  The Grizzlies can ill-afford to lose another player, but we’re just going on a lot of speculation right now.  Check out Deadspin’s writeup for more.

    Update: We’re not even sure if Barnes was ejected or just ran off the court:



    Update from the Milwaukee reporter Gery Woelfel:

    And from another Milwaukee reporter refuting the other Milwaukee reporter:

    We’re pretty sure we’re done updating this.

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