• Restricted free agent Dwight Powell and the Mavs agreed to a four-year, $37 million deal on Sunday.

    Powell’s deal was killed on the Internet by quite a few analysts but we’re actually alright with it.  We projected him at $8 million for three years and the fourth year (player option) might have been enough to keep him from shopping other offers.  He was the No. 7 power forward in our rankings and he probably slides down a few slots if we’re looking at this in a vacuum, but if you like upside it’s a gamble that’s still not going to kill you. 

    He works hard and needs to develop his shot, as well as improve his general feel for the game.  But the athleticism is there and the organization is strong, and he also gets to watch a future Hall of Famer at his position every day in practice.  As it goes in life, sometimes you have to risk something to get something.  We’re good with this risk. 

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