• Rajon Rondo will meet with the Nets and the interest is mutual, but only for the right price according to Nets Daily writer Anthony Puccio.

    The Nets are really the only team that presents an obvious good fit for Rondo at this point.  He can tell a young and rebuilding roster what to do, absorb all of the usage he is going to demand anyway and the Nets can tank for draft picks.  Oh … wait … nevermind ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.  There is a large contingent of Kings fans that hopes the Nets pull the trigger on this deal and save the team from itself. 

    Update: The New York Post writes that Rondo “is believed to favor a return to a major market.”  The story goes on to quote DeMarcus Cousins at a Team USA event as saying “I respect him as a man, but he knows where my heart is … I’d love to have him back.”  It’s hard to know what Cousins meant in a print quote, but that almost sounds like Cousins may be resigned to the fact Rondo is choosing the Nets.  The Kings dodge a huge bullet here if the Rondo continues to trend toward the Nets. 

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