• Fred Kerber of the New York Post talked to several NBA executives who all shared a common opinion – that Phil Jackson’s public comments about Carmelo Anthony have completely destroyed his trade stock.

    It’s not necessarily something we didn’t already know but clearly other front offices have taken notice. Jackson has engaged in the least-effective trade posturing in recent memory and has sold both Anthony and the Knicks up the river with his incessant commentary. One executive said the Knicks can hope to receive a protected first round pick in any Anthony deal, but their clear desire to move on essentially ruins any chance of receiving a core piece in return. There are some good quotes in Kerber’s piece, and many people seem to sympathize with Melo and value him as a terrific second or third option. It’ll be an ugly divorce for Anthony and the Knicks, but he’s expected to be in a new uniform by the time the season starts.

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