• Adrian Wojnarowski has reported that Phil Jackson has not ruled out trading Kristaps Porzingis in recent trade discussions.

    Jackson’s time in New York has been highly criticized. The number one complaint has been the treatment of his star player Carmelo Anthony, but he appears to be unfazed by such criticism and now might be open to the idea of trading his other star player. Porzingis has been the team’s one bright spot the past two seasons and now is part of trade talk. This news is creating immense interest across the NBA for obvious reasons. He is on a very team friendly contract and has shown ability to score from anywhere on the floor. He has also shown great defensive instincts despite not even turning 22 yet. Jackson recently met with lottery-hopeful Lauri Markkanen, perhaps doing some preemptive work to help fill the void that a possible Porzingis trade would create. Porzingis has expressed his desire to stay in New York despite his dissatisfaction with the way the team has been handling the Carmelo situation.

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