• Woj reports Carmelo Anthony has expanded the list of teams to which he would accept a trade, and that includes the Cavs.

    It’s no secret that Carmelo Anthony and his no-trade clause have done the Knicks no favors in their search to find a trade partner. It’s been a strange summer full of trade rumors to the Cavs and Rockets and whether or not he would even accept a deal to those teams. Now, it seems the Cavs are back on the table and who knows who else. If Melo does end up in Cleveland and it doesn’t cost the Cavs one of their stars, he’d be part of a stacked offensive group. This would give the potent scorer the most space and least attention he has seen in his entire career. When Anthony can score at will, it’s fantasy bliss. On the other hand, he’d be the third or fourth offensive option at best, which caps his upside in the middle rounds.

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