• The Cavs and Celtics are engaged in active discussions on a trade centered around Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas according to The Vertical’s Shams Charania.

    Kyrie Irving’s intentions to leave Cleveland are well known at this point, but this news somewhat comes out of nowhere; especially the fact that it involves the Celtics and Isaiah Thomas. There’s no word on what else would be involved or whether another team will be required to help facilitate the trade but if a trade involving the two star points guards goes through, it would be huge. It would result in major fantasy implications if two All-Stars were traded for each other, more pieces will surely be involved too.

    Update: ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski says the talks between Boston and Cleveland are serious. A deal certainly sounds likely at this point.

    Update: Cavs and Celtics nearing agreement on deal centered around Kyrie Irving and Isaiah Thomas. Jae Crowder and pick(s) also involved. The two sides are still ironing out details.

    Update: Celtics center Ante Zizic is expected to be a part of the potential Cavs, Celtics deal according to ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski. 

    Update: Apparently the Cavs were pushing for Jayson Tatum and we’ll see how all the posturing goes soon enough.

    Update: Now Brooklyn’s 2018 unprotected first is being discussed, which might be a byproduct of not including Tatum.  Still, we love the deal for Cleveland before the 2018 pick.  Get your popcorn ready.

    Update: We have an agreement.

    Analysis: We’re still crunching numbers and getting ready for the Draft Guide, but Thomas goes to a clear No. 2 scoring position in Cleveland and we’ll evaluate how much of a dip he’s going to get hit with.  His 19.4 FGAs per game last year aren’t as much as folks seem to think on the Internet, but he’s certainly at risk for a production hit. 

    Irving goes to a Celtics team that shares the ball more but doesn’t have a dominant player like LeBron, so his numbers might hold steady and again we’ll do the math on that and release it in the Draft Guide.  Crowder’s role should remain consistent at worst as the Cavs need a full boat of minutes from him due to their lack of depth, and Zizic stands a decent chance at earning the backup center job for the Cavs that they don’t have filled.

    For Boston’s young wings — Jaylen Brown and Jayson Tatum — their minutes get a big boost but stat set issues are big problems for them.  Brown can definitely be taken in the later rounds as the guy most likely to get bigger minutes between the two, and we’ll need to see big progress out of Tatum right away to bring him up to that valuation. 

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