• The Cavs’ interest in Paul George and Jimmy Butler appears to have gone for nought, as ESPN’s Brian Windhorst reports that they won’t be able to acquire either player in trade talks.

    It’s been a rough week in Cleveland, as they appeared to be gaining some traction before dismissing GM David Griffin who was working several multi-team scenarios that would’ve brought either two-way superstar to the Cavs. Once news broke that Griffin wouldn’t be retained, it cast some serious doubts as to whether LeBron James would want to come back when his contract is up. That led to rumors that Kyrie Irving would request out of Cleveland if James left, and a report in the Chicago Tribune had Cavs players telling Butler to avoid Cleveland and its sudden long-term uncertainty. Windhorst cites the lack of necessary interest in Kevin Love as the reason these talks petered out, but there’s plenty of other things going on in Cleveland that don’t help their case.

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