• Steve Bulpett of the Boston Herald reports that some league personnel feel the Celtics are big fans of point guard Dennis Smith Jr. and may trade down to get him.

    The Celtics just keep on maneuvering. While this is firmly in the speculation stage, Boston has been driving pretty much all the conversation around this draft since the trade deadline and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them move down again and pick up an extra asset or two. Of course, yesterday had plenty of rumors surrounding Kristaps Porzingis’ availability (with noted interest from the Celtics) and a later report indicated that the Knicks were big fans of Josh Jackson, who may or may not go at No. 3. It’s interesting that all this is coming out so bunched together, but it sure seems like one party is pushing the narrative to their benefit. Boston is involved in just about every rumor these days with wildly different stories coming from each new source of information, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens when they’re on the clock tomorrow. Smith Jr. will go in the lottery and should fit in nicely with any team that needs an athletic point guard.

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