• ESPN’s Marc Stein is reporting that Chris Paul will give strong consideration to the Spurs if he decides to leave the Clippers in free agency.

    This rumor won’t go away, and while the reports keep coming from the same small group of people it seems like Paul is indeed thinking about a move to Texas. He’d be leaving a ton of money on the table but would still receive a max contract, and perhaps CP3 is sick of the talk around his teams’ playoff missteps. Paul has made a ton of money in his career and might be willing to forgo some more to have a very real shot at a championship. That being said, it’d be a boatload of extra money to walk away from and San Antonio would need to sacrifice a lot of their depth to make it work. Paul could re-sign and render all this moot, but the Clippers will now have to re-work their offseason plans to convince him to stick around.

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